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About Us

MetaQueens Story & Mission

MetaQueensClub was born out Of My Passion To Help others and to Create.
I Believe That Everyone can be truly healthy and change his or her life.

I believe in The Importance Of Physical Activity And I am here to Encourage you To Exercise For Self-Care, Mobility, And Being Physically Active For Overall Health, Wellness And Longevity.

At MQC, I created a collection of women NFTs, who symbolize powerful women from different aspects. By owning one of the NFTs, you will immediately receive goodies that could impact your life.

I Believe In Giving Back Right From The Beginning, therefore part of my road map is bringing back all that good to the community.
With The MQC Community, We Are Working To Elevate Diversity In The NFT Culture.  This Is The Moment To Enlighten And Take Onboard The Creators And Builders Of The Generations To Come. This Is The Moment To Create Equal Opportunities For Anyone And Everyone.

Our Founder

Maya Nicks

I Am An Unconditional Positive Person, Women Empowerment Advocate And I Am Here To Share My Mission With You All – To Change People’s Lives, Mind And Health.

I Love Challenges So I Became A Commercial Pilot.
When The Years Went By, I Understood The Power Of The Body And Mind And Became A Lifestyle Entrepreneur.
On 2012  I Won A Bikini Fitness Gold Medal In Canada And Helped Thousands Of People Transition Into A Healthier Lifestyle And Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life.

I’ve Got A Big Slap On My Face On 2014 (?) When I Have Lost My 23-Year Old Cousin To Cancer. Doctors Linked The Ailment To Unhealthy Lifestyle And Ever Since Her Passing, I’ve Turned Her Mission To Help Save Others.

My Life Mission Is To Spread Health And Wellness Worldwide
And I Would Love You To Join My Mission! That’s Why I Created The Metaqueens Nfts..

Fell On My Face And Came Back Up

Our Future

Roadmap 1.0


A lifestyle brand & a piece of pop culture

Maya Is A Commercial Pilot Turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Meta Queens Club Is Not Just An NFT Project; We Are An Entity And A Lifestyle Brand That Grows Alongside Nfts.

Maya Is Joining Forces With World Elite Entrepreneurs, Pro-Athletes, Celebrities, Influencers And Tech Geniuses To Introduce Her Genesis Drop And Her Best Artwork To The NFT Space. The Collection Of 10,000 Unique Nfts With Over 150 Traits, Coming Straight From Maya’s Creative Mind. Get Yourself A Meta Queen, Mint In August 2022.


MQC supplement line

MQC Nfts Come With Serious Functionality For Fans Of Workout And Dietary Supplements And The Fitness Lifestyle. MQC NFT Owners Get Placed On M/T List For Testing New Supplements Pre-Launch In 2022;

MQC NFT Holders Receive MQC Pre-Workout, Protein Bars And Whey Protein Samples To Share Their Feedback On The Flavors


MQC merchandise

Meta Queens Love You And Have Your Back. We Will Have Merch And Sporting Goods Products For Our Holders To Add A Little Twist To Your Wardrobe And Home-Workout Gear With Our Exclusive Merchandise.

The Merch Is Designed By Our Founder And Artist Maya Herself.


Financial freedom masterminds

As A Lifestyle Brand, We Educate Our Holders To Find Their Purpose In Life To Live Their Best Life. Financial Literacy Coaching Calls And Business Masterminds By World Elite Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders Are Available For MQC Holders.


MetaQueens in the Metaverse

Metaqueens Will Appear In The Metaverse Through A Special Event In Collaboration With Other Successful NFT Projects Before We Acquire Our Meta Lands To Build Our Ecosystem In The New World.


Growth mindset

This Is Just The Beginning Of Maya’s Creative Process And Creating The Metaqueens Lifestyle Brand. More Meta Fam Will Join Meta Queens In Their Crazy Adventures. Ogs And Early Members Of Community Have Priority In Future Drops.

Will you fly with us?

Our Team

Meet The Team

Maya Nicks

Founder, Artist & Creative Director

Tal Navarro

Marketing Lead


Project Manager


Community Manager


Events & Media